Immunisations & Travel Vaccinations
Stirk Medical Group provide childhood, catch-up and travel immunisations.
All vaccinations are recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and available for you to view on your My Health Record or MyGov.

Childhood Vaccinations
From birth, the Australian National Immunisation Program aims to protect babies and infants with a routine vaccination schedule, which leads into adolescence.
We know that babies and infants are often distressed by vaccinations therefore our expert team will always help wherever possible to make the experience as easy and efficient as we can for your family.
Routine scheduled childhood vaccinations are bulk billed.

School catch-up immunisations
If you have any questions regarding which vaccinations your child requires or have concerns about any of the vaccinations, please talk to our GPs who will be happy to advise you on the best options for you.

Travel Vaccinations
If you’re travelling overseas, we want to help you to protect yourself from any diseases which you could encounter and to avoid any illness during your holidays.
Vaccinations will vary depending on the country or area that you are travelling to/within.

Yellow Fever Vaccinations
We are now a Yellow Fever vaccination clinic at our Canning Rd Kalamunda site. Dr Ewen McLean is the authorised doctor. Please book your appointment with him to discuss.

Click here for more information about yellow fever.


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