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12 May 2022

Dr Shivi Rayar returns to Stirk Medical Group

Dr Shivi Rayar returns to Stirk Medical Group featured image

Dr Rayar will be focusing on health and what we can all do from a lifestyle perspective to stay positive and focused on what is going right in our lives.

s part of her desire to focus on health promotion and disease prevention, with a very holistic view, Dr Rayar has developed her own website: – please check it out and explore!

On the website: there are podcasts that Dr Rayar has done over the last few years – includes interviews on different topics with other health professionals.

The podcasts are also up on itunes under “Preventative Health”.

Videos: these are on different topics, including a recent one on gratitude meditation for the body, creating joy, monitoring your energy and so forth. The videos are very personalised so that there is a more human touch to them.

Recipes: This aspect of the website is in the early stages, there is only a couple of receipes so far, but watch this space! There are also plans to add more cooking videos, that are whole food based. Diet and nutrition are both really important, as we all know, and it is a great way for us all to improve our health.

Recipes - Have a look at this link!

Dr Rayar wants people to feel that they can enter an inner world of harmony for the body and mind and she is keen to share this approach with her patients. Dr Rayar is very committed to this project as she feels that it is the best way to stay positive and hopeful about health.

Over the next few years, her intention is to primarily carry out preventative consults, where the focus is on nutrition, mood, sleep, exercise and lifestyle. This will likely need to be during longer consultations, please don’t hesitate to contact the Stirk Medical Group, and Dr Rayar, to discuss this further.

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