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15 May 2022

Don’t forget other health and medical concerns!

Don’t forget other health and medical concerns! featured image

Yes, the Coronavirus is obviously very important, but so are any other health issues that you may have. With some easing of COVID-19 triggered restrictions, perhaps it’s time to catch up with some of those other health areas.

Whether it is that check up of your diabetes, your cholesterol or your asthma… All of those other chronic issues are still there. Don’t put off that routine blood test or blood pressure check. When was the last time that you had a skin check?

We are starting to increase the number of Face to Face consultations that are available at Stirk. It will still be necessary to go through some basic considerations, to make sure that it is ok to see your doctor in person. But, we have all got used to most of those:

  • Have you had a cough or cold, any sort of respiratory infection?
  • Have you had a persistently high fever?
  • Have you been overseas recently or been in contact with someone who has been overseas?

If so, then please arrange for a Telehealth Consult first… But, if you are pretty happy that you do not fill any of those criteria, then please book a normal appointment, we would love to see you!

We can’t let our guard down too far with the ongoing COVID-19 concerns, but equally it is important to not neglect those other areas of your health.

Please contact our helpful staff or book on line…

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