COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic – Important Update 17th June 2021

COVID-19 vaccination update – 17th June 2021

The Stirk Medical Group COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics continue to offer vaccinations across the three surgeries, in our Kalamunda, Newburn Road and Edney Road Surgeries.

Following todays (17th June 2021) government announcement, all those aged under the age of 60 years are being offered the Pfizer Vaccination. Those aged over 60 years continue to be offered the Astra Zeneca vaccination.

At this point in time the ONLY vaccine that is available at the Stirk Medical Group COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics, is the Astra Zeneca Vaccine. As more experience has been gathered in managing the different vaccines; their storage, handling and distribution, it is becoming increasingly likely that General Practice Surgeries will able to administer both the Astra Zeneca AND Pfizer vaccines.

At this time, the Stirk Medical Group, has applied to become a Pfizer Vaccine eligible clinic, but this approval has NOT been reached as yet. The Astra Zeneca Vaccine is the ONLY COVID-19 vaccination that is available to be given at the Stirk Medical Group, at this time. As soon as we have been approved to be able to administer the Pfizer vaccine, and distribution systems have been put into place by the Goverment, we will notify our patient base, through Social Media and notices in the waiting room at all surgeries.

Those patients who have already had an Astra Zeneca vaccination and are waiting on their second vaccination, should go ahead and have a second Astra Zeneca vaccination. There are NO plans to change from Astra Zeneca vaccine to the Pfizer vaccine, once the first dose is administered.

Should you have further questions or queries, please visit the government based internet sites, listed below, OR discuss with our GP / Nursing staff.

The overall process for booking your COVID vaccination remains the same.

Here is a summary of the process to get your vaccination.. click here, to see the flow chart, and click here to download a copy.

Vaccination Consent Form, click here, this MUST be completed prior to booking your vaccination appointment.

Completed Vaccination Consent forms can be emailed to the practice, prior to attending the Vaccination Clinic.


We strongly advise you keep up to date on this website.

To assess your Eligibility for this phase of the rollout of the vaccination, please check the Australian Government site, below:

Australian Government Health Department Site

Frequently asked questions (FAQ), click here or alternatively make an appointment to discuss any concerns or issues that you have, with your GP at Stirk Medical Group.

As part of the process of monitoring Vaccine Safety, we will be using “SmartVax”. This means that you will receive a text, following your vaccination, to ensure that any adverse effects (or side effects) can be monitored and followed up.

Due to the fact that the COVID-19 vaccination is a new vaccine, you will receive a Text on Day 3, Day 8 and Day 42, after the vaccination. More information can be found on the link below: