Our Services

The Stirk Medical Group is very proud of it’s training heritage and as we come up to our 50th Birthday (in 2014) we have had close to a 100 Registrars train and work with us. Not only do we have regular GP , Registrars But we have other junior doctors, at the practice. They join us as part of their general hospital training, getting a ‘taste’ of working as a GP. This is usually for a 3 to 6 months spell. The Stirk Medical Group is highly committed to the training of Junior doctors and was awarded Training Practice of the Year in 2008.
The practice frequently has Medical Students from the University of West Australia and also Notre Dame University. The Students will often be sitting in with the doctor, if you are not comfortable with a Student being present, we quite understand, just let our reception or medical staff know. The Medical Students appreciate the opportunity to sit in consultations , but equally understand the importance of stepping out of the consulting room, when necessary.

Hospital and Community Care

Many of the doctors, working at the practice, are accredited to provide care at the Kalamunda Hospital and Health Service. As a community, we are fortunate to have this friendly small local Government Hospital. It provides a range of medical services, including palliative care and rehabilitation.

The surgery is also able to let you know of other services that are available in our community. Please discuss your needs with your GP or our Primary Care Nurse, or other members of our Practice Staff.

Services offered at the Stirk Medical Group